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Electronic Elasticity

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hawkings versus the College Dropout

Several years ago, I gained a rudimentary understanding of temporal and quantum physics from reading Isaac Asimov's work, both fiction and non. Although his personal life and triumphs are interesting, it appears Stephen Hawking is basically wrong about time, apparently... so is Einstein.

Enter: Peter Lynds. (normally I would not like to an article about him when he has a webpage, but some smart ass decided black font on dark blue was somehow readable?) In any case: Having read (and even partially understood, WTF, his paper) peter's main thesis is that time cannot exist in a continuum because moments in time cannot be calculated as if they were photo snapshots. Instead, time must be utterly fluid for anything to actually "move" at all, and once that is proven mathematically the concept of linear or cyclical time can no longer exist. It is instead a function of how our brain understands the world around us.

Neat stuff if you have time to read it.
Yes I know, this makes me look amazingly bored.



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