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Friday, June 24, 2005

News: I Have Today Off. Cosmic Balance Upset

Friday. Usually a day associated with half-assedly working for 6.5 hours and eating lunch and procrastinating for the other 1.5. Not this chap! Quebec has a frenchy holiday today, and I get to ride coattails! I think I shall clean house awesome (my residence, 3 roommates, all awesome, hence the name).

Yesterday, Kitch and Birdy rolled up rifts characters for the nurd game I play every wednesday. I was delighted that both of them were interested in playing, and fully intended to drop by the local nerd bar (a.k.a. "wizard's tower) and chat them up during char creation. No dice. (ha!) Head hit pillow and Lanky slept from 6 to 9pm on thursday. Apparently sitting at a computer all day is hard... ...?

In any case, I leapt out of bed to call Kitch at 9, and in so doing, promptly put my hand into my moving overhead fan. Suitably chastised, I left a message and browsed the internet.

Is not my life exciting?
I have discovered the joys of Miller Genuine Draft recently. Tasty shit.

In any case. Should I be so inclined, I shall further update this weblog later today. For now, umm, Breakfast!



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