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Electronic Elasticity

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Post 1 (one) !1one!

Whoa. Monumental. Dawn of a new epoch even. First Internet weblog of a self-designated InterWeb addict.

Goals? Entertain and inform my friends and the random people who have any cause to peer this far into the depths of the internet.

Methods? Humour, wit (if managable), random commentary, the occasional insight gleaned from the bottom of a bottle or discovered in the dark recesses of my tangled mind.

  • (Since I am as profoundly ego-centric as every other human being) Myself and my life/friends/nefarious capers.
  • Academia and/or information of interest (I will be updating this thing during my working day)
  • Any literary composition by yours truly (read: bad poetry).
  • Humour (most likely stolen from thesejokesarebad.com and not referenced)

Perhaps an impromptu discourse shall emerge in this weblog, I can guarentee that at the very least my inane ramblings will be mildly amusing.


edit: wow. This tool auto corrects html code. HAH!


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