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Friday, July 29, 2005

Mage the Awakening Update. Concept work.

Mage the Awakening: My Concept of 'Cabal'

When the most recent iteration of White-wolf's magic system masterpiece arrives in stores in late august, I will be, as I have said, running a game of it. Today, as I sit in my cubicle attempting to look interested in pushing around incessant piles of bureaucratic drivel, I gave myself a bit of time (hah! 'bit') to think about the precise nature of the game I am going to run.

Why are you posting this crap here Lanky?
As good a spot as any, besides it passes the time and makes me feel productive in some fashion. And I can type it up in notepad, thus making it appear legitimate! keke.

The Chronicle Name: " The _______ Cabal"
I have not given a name to the group of players yet (the cabal) because they will be doing it themselves in the first few sessions and the name they choose will dictate a large chunk of the resulting story lines and flavour. But I can shed light on why I chose to run a big game like this, and why I chose to specifically have the players in a cabal together.

From a storyteller's point of view: the cabal mechanic:
1. Gives the players a reason to know each other in some fashion before play begins.
2. Provides a framework for their interaction: a mage social unit as opposed to a "normal" one.
3. Provides me with an easy, powerful way to tie the players together and create group co-hesion. Since the fate of each cabalist will become irrevocably, magically and socially intertwined with each other one, they will act in some concerted fashion together or likely get destroyed by the world.
4. Provides me with a solid, straightforward way to determine social and physical difficulty of the main encounters.
5. Allows me to easily and seamlessly tie the group's social unit to the other nearby mage social systems, they are either legitimate in their eyes or rogue.
6. Provides a simple framework for the story opening, characters can write out a "normal human" backstory, we can choose as a group to go thrugh each awakening in session 1 or 2 (by choose, I mean, uh, each player will be going through their awakening in the first few sessions).. and then the cabal framework can be overlaid onto that beginning, meaning that the players dont have to come up with silly justifiations about how they know each other. Perhaps they did know each other in their human lives, perhaps not.
7. Gives the players the leeway they need for character generation. The characters dont all have to be from any given country, locaton, city... They will all be brought to the location of the chronicle by a specific set of conditions relating to their awakening, and then tied into the story from there.

By the way I also found an excellent place for character sheets.http://www.menchhofer.com/chris/He has a ton of excellent ones. Several are even interactive.


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