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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mage: The Awakening

When the end of the summer arrives and the school year begins once more, a happy coincidence shall occur. I will have a buttload of free time at wierd hours again (I basically have a bunch now, but...that aside), I will get to sleep in (!), and White Wolf will release Mage: The Awakening.

I am already on their forums snooping around and getting the goods. This blog is going to play host to my brainstorming ideas for the campaign I am going to run. I already have some points about it that may be of interest, and I will be redirecting people here for more information about the campaign as I develop it.
  • The game setting will focus on a Cabal of mages. This is a tough choice and I am going to need players who can roleplay in a larger group. Probably 6 players. (gah!) That also means that social and combat encounters will likely require the teamwork of most of the group to defeat. Such is the nature of a Cabal, each member is irrevocably bound in chains of fate to the group.
  • What that means is that I either have to streamline / integrate roleplay and combat somewhat, or every player would have to be on the ball, lest massive amounts of time be wasted. I prefer a lil from both columns, and with alot of work on my part I think it could be pulled off. The group would also have to like each other (I think?) so hopefully that will work out too.
  • The game will be city based, and probably one of the cities fleshed out in the World of Darkness core rulebook (which I will be buying). Most likely in the United States, although players should definitely not confine themselves to that country for character generation.
  • Right now I am only buying the awakening and the core book. What that means is I will likely design the campaign for mage society interacting with human society, and rare encounters with, oh say, Vampires or the Foresaken (werewolves).

I will post an ongoing list of interested players once I get them, you can e-mail me or comment in the blog (which is basically an email anyways ^^) and I will put your name on this list. The game is a long way off so this is not a commitment of any kind, just a list of people that I will update as new things develop.



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