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Thursday, July 21, 2005

MMO Musings

I have recently wondered how the people I know percieve my World of Warcraft gaming. Is he obsessed? Anti-Social? Is the game consuming all of his time? Is he part of some virtual cult? Cup of Punch anyone?

So I did a little self-examining and came away with several interesting conclusions:

About World of Warcraft:
- Time intensive.
- Easily played to the exclusion of all other games.
- Incredibly Time intensive at high levels.

About Me playing World of Warcraft:
- It (by and large) replaces Television and movies in my "stare at a screen" repertoire. More so than other games did.
- I dont feel like a raging addict, but I play the game basically everyday for several hours.
- I always put my social life first, but as we know, my social life is sporadic, albeit awesome.

About why I play World of Warcraft so much:
- My other non-physical interests and hobbies seem to indicate a general nerdliness (Magic, Pen and paper RPGS, fantasy books)
- I enjoy it. Alot. Still. (heck, still as much as when I first bought the game)
- The Physical interests I have suffer from lack of availability, and annoying work hours during the summer.

And yet, Im not blind. I see what people think about my gaming "addiction" and ultimately that opinion bothers me more than any self analysis I do. Mainly because self-analysis is inherently biased, and it seems like I still have my priorities in the right order...

For those few crazy people who actually read this weblog, what are your thoughts? Is Lanky addicted to World of warcraft, and knowingly, willingly perpetuating a sad state of affairs? Or is it just another game he plays? One he happens to pay alot more for and play more of?



  • See, that depends on whose preception we're going with here. To my roomies, you're obsessed. To me, you don't seem to be (partially because then if you are, so am i). But then my roomies don't understand how addictive and interesting it can be.. /sigh
    I don't think you're addicted. I think its just a game, that you enjoy, that you have fun playing. So there. :p Once school resumes and more of your roomies return I would suggest playing less and spending time with them more, but that's just me. Plus, I mean, what else are you supposed to do when no one's around and its the only thing that really interests you right now? [/justification]

    By Blogger bird(s/y), at Friday, August 12, 2005 9:51:00 AM  

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