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Monday, July 04, 2005

On Canada Day Weekend.

Altogether an enjoyable experience! Some amazing fireworks, some quality time with friends and girlfriend (she gets her own category!) and some relaxation. My 4th and M.I.A housemate Trey came home with some buddies for the weekend. They brought a texas mickey of Canadian Club Reserve whiskey. wagh... and as far as I know, the four of them almost finished it.

Another housemate of mine left on sunday for military training. Rummy is lost to me for two months now. Alas. This leaves only two of Team Awesome residing in the House: myself, and Rodney the Yam (Henceforth known as Yams, observing the laws of nicknames).

Sunday was also a day of cleaning, and I got most of what needed to be done. Our bathrooms are still quoting Shakespeare though...



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