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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Toronto: The Man. The Weekend. The Legend.

Ah, Toronto! A city, one like many others. It just happened to contain tons of awesome for a weekend (July 15 to 18).
  • Girlfriend.
  • Girlfriend's family and friends.
  • Excellent Club containing Girlfriend and Friends.
  • Me (Awesome, clearly)
  • Fringe Festival Plays. The Monologues were especially good.
  • Shopping. Nurd style: Bought World of Darkness Core book. Magic Cards.
  • Food. yup. Italian eatery: Balsamic Vinegrette Reduction with a house white wine and candles. A restuarant that specialized in desserts: Strawberry cheesecake.
    Ice Cream. Coffee. Bagel. Baaagel. French Toast. Egg. Cucumber! Tomato! Freeeee! Most of it anyways. Gawd what did I do to deserve such bounty?
  • A pub rooftop, a beer, conversations, a rock at 1 am in the muggy morning.

Good Times.


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