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Thursday, July 21, 2005

WoW Follow Up Number One

This is a big issue to me. An issue revolving around a computer game, yes, but it affects much more than just my carpal tunnel syndrome.

Im a social nerd, and World of Warcraft is a social computer game. I derive the majority of my fun from the complex social interactions that occur in the WoW Virtual World.

However. Im a Social person too. And I have amazing friends in real life that I want to remain friends with, and I had to canvas everyone to understand what I need to think about.

So its real life and its virtual life.
My real life friends are of far vaster importance to me than my online friends.

Therefore: Real Life > Virtual life.

But I have been slacking. Going about things the wrong way.
Ive been letting Virtual life = Social life.

Thats wrong. To me, anyways. Virtual life != Social life at all.

Playing World of Warcraft the way I do has changed my lifestyle, no doubt about it. But the point remains that my amazing relationships with house awesome, and floor 7 and the boys over at the wizards tower and so on, need to be more important. Especially House Awesome! Because they see me the most, we are together the most, We live together! And when you live with your friends, you cant take them for granted as I have been, in many ways, doing.

I doubt I will play World of Warcraft a lot less. But my priorites have undergone some serious scrutiny, and a second draft will have WoW time much lower on the list.



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