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Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday. Day 5. Baseball Bat required to Continue Operations

Day 5.
Well. What Can I say? Its friday, and I was given Corn-on-a-cob poking holder thingies as my "leaving the office" present.
5 Days early.

And my co-worker is a total bitch, beeeyond belief:

  • I say "Good morning" everyday. She says "uuh-hmmmmmnm.."
  • Shes a fucking classic know-it-all-and-always-right, and is very rude as a result.
  • "Difference of Opinion... wait.... you have an opinion?"
  • She appears to have burned through more Ex boyfriends in 4 years than a highschool cheerleading squad.

Kind of an insight into her persona I think.

Okay, okay. Not a big deal. This day is only awesome because of its friday status, and thus inherent after-work potential.

The weekend is nigh, and so to is the end. Rummy Arrives home on Sunday night of August the 28th. Some beer and mansecks will be waiting.




    By Anonymous birds, at Tuesday, August 23, 2005 11:43:00 PM  

  • Hi David. I found your blog while doing a blogsearch (neat new tool!) for CanLearn as I waste time poking away at my workterm report. You mentioned it in one of your posts and it led me here. I admit that I was curious to see if you hated me as much as I hated you and it seems the feeling was mutual. However, I feel the need to clear some things up with you.

    First of all. I find you mind-bogglingly irritating. It was all I could do to grit my teeth and suffer through you talking to yourself, making 'kewl' comments, slurping your soup, yelling across the office, and pretending to know what you obviously didn't know anything about. (It would be far better for you to admit you don't know about something than to make things up.)

    I did a lot of research while I was there, when I had a problem I looked it up and tried to find the solution. I emailed friends - particularly computer friends - frequently to learn a lot of the things I did while I was there. I don't think for a second that I know it all. But I can smell bullshit a mile away.

    Unfortunately, it is very difficult for me to hide it when I feel very strongly towards a person - be it like or dislike.

    That said, I tried my best to be as cordial to you as I could. But I found that astonishingly difficult given the circumstances.

    When I talked to you, I did so not in a way to be rude, but in a way to try to end the exchange as quickly as possible. I don't like you and have no desire to socialize with you. Unfortunately you didn't seem to get it unless I was short with you all the time.

    And as for the whole boyfriend thing, I find that very insulting. Not that it is any of your business but I dated the same person for my first 2 years of university, was single for a while and then dated another person for about 10 months. We broke up on positive but somewhat unstable terms right before I started working at HRSDC. You likely also heard me talk about the person I dated on and off for most of High School. I talk about my exs frequently because they are still significant parts of my life. I consider an 'ex boyfriend' to carry MORE weight than just 'friend' so I continue to call them that since they are still very important people to me.

    Now that I've cleared that up. I'm sorry to hear about your mark on your workterm evaluation, but I hope you gained some positive skills and experiences. The work I was assigned at HRSDC was by far the most interesting in all my coop terms. I hope you get along better with your next office mate, but don't be so quick to judge my negative reaction to you as a reflection solely of me. I may have a short temper but I assure you I bit my tongue with you more often than I'm normally capable of doing in an attempt to keep the peace.

    Goodluck with your degree and with your future studies.


    By Anonymous Carolyn, at Wednesday, September 14, 2005 11:37:00 PM  

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