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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hump Me. Wednesday.

Captain's Log 5-OMGBBQ44: Day Three of Mission "Get Through the Last Fucking 10 Days of Work" continues. We are in deep water now folks. I have completed all of my assignments and asked for more work again. But my boss left the office at 2:30 (Having arived late at 9:30 also) so I never did get a response.

This means that I have been studiously attempting to:
a. Find work to do
b. Or Pretend to do work if no real stuff is found.

No real stuff was found.

So what have I been actually doing for the majority of the day then?Designing Magic Decks and posting them in online forums
Doing up a Trade list of cards I need. Again, magic.
Writing up new stuff for my upcoming Mage: The Awakening "Caballa" Campaign
Thinking about what I am going to do with my character tonight at Rifts.

-- I left my character sheet at home this morning, in what I am beginning to think is a pronounced Froidian slip, my subconscious mind's way of telling me "stooooop! Do something you actually ENJOY man!"

Sheesh, my subconscious mind is selfish.

So, here is the dilemna: My current character, Sergeant Lain, has no arms.
Thats right. No. Arms.

So, in order to fix that, he is going to get a new pair of cyberntetic arms put on.I suppose.But the way I have designed Jerrick's persona, that just doesnt cut it. He was very proud of his physical prowess, like all professional soldiers, and losing two arms would be a pretty damned nasty psychological blow.
In other words: An easily explainable out. He goes freakin nuts. Unplayable. Great.

But I do enjoy spending time with everyone, and I have close friends who are playing the game too. Im leading, supposedly, this little outfit, so if I leave as in stop playing leave, will the game continue. Do the players want the game to continue?Does the GM? Rawr?

And what awesomeness happened today?
Well. Nothing. Which became awesome because the day passed INCREDIBLY QUICKLY.


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