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Electronic Elasticity

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Arise Bureaucrats! To Battle!

Let all exalted readers know that forthwith herein lies the trials and tribulations of one Lanky D McLankerson from ye the first blessed day of the third week of January, to its inevitable denouement. (Jan 26th)

Having recently accepted a challenge on his honour from the nefarious COMPENSATION DEPT. of his place of work, our hero engaged in full scale warfare versus that most foul of adversaries, who was indeed granted assistance by a still fouler foe, the great beast: Red Tape.

But our shining knight did win some meager triumph this morn, as HELPDESK conceeded defeat, and did grant Lanky access to his own COMPUTER LOGIN.

But this was nay the last that our valorous champion would hear of the devious BUREAUCRATS. For when Lanky did attempt to contact his retainer: UOTTAWA EMAIL; he discovered the terrible truth.

That source off all that is random and humorous: THE INTERNET, has been pried from Lanky's enlongated fingers!

Our hero, sobbing, fled underground, plotting terrible revenge.


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