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Electronic Elasticity

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I attended a presentation on Tax legislation at work today, from around 9am until 12pm.
Im sure you can imagine how enthralling that was. I did manage to pay attention though, and I did learn some interesting stuff about how GST actually works in this country. Moreover, I was counting Buzzwords. And Boy oh boy were they plentiful:

1. Policy: 29
2. Procedure: 11
3. Information: 20
4. Issue(s): 15
5. Memo(andum): 21

Now, one interesting point of note is that 16 of the 29 usages of the word "policy" occured within a 1 minute time period at the beginning of the presentation.

Another interesting point is that I totally stopped listening / counting buzzwords for about 15 minutes at one point as well. So these results are not comeplete.

Anyways! I thought it was interesting, and this is MY BLOG SO ILL POST WHAT I WANT TO. RARRRRGH.



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