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Friday, January 27, 2006

An Interesting Friday / Thursday Evening!

Well things have ramped up a little around here let me tells ya.
I met with my section manager today, and was offered a part time summer job already.
I am

T H R I L L E D.

Needless to say, an email was dispatched post haste to my parents, informing them of this wonderful turn of events. I am sure they are as thrilled as I am. This summer job thingy is ideal for me, especially if I want to exit Coop and return to full time schooling in the fall.

Last night was also very nice. Hung out with Kitch and co. (inc.) and was my usual silly self.
Played some pool. Got 'sharked' by Kitch's visiting friends Chris and Sarah. Was very nice.

Sharked is quotation-ed (!? Yes Im AWARE the word is quoted, Im leaving it that way thankyouverymuch) because, really, We saw it coming.

Good times. And all around a good week!

Love from the Lankster


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