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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In the News

- In the news Friday, General Rick Hiller, who leads the Canadian forces in Afghanistan, asked Tim Horton's to try to set up a franchise in Kandahar.
I thought that little bit of fluff was endearing, all said and done. I am almost positive a heart-warming commercial will ensue, if Tim Hortons knows what's good for it.

- In other news, Anglican Arch-Bishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has denounced the "Gatmo" (Guantanamo Bay) facilities of the U.S. government, explaining (again) that these facilities are not legal internationally, and of dubious standing domestically. Prisoners in Gatmo have literally no rights to speak of, and can be held indefinitely. The United States will take some serious flak over this one very very soon. I would love to see blanket sanctions, or revocation of UN privileges (ha! Irony!) but those are economically impossible, in reality.


- The avian flu killed 2 more cats and an unemployed Chinese dude today. The chief WHO officer in charge of Avian flu stuff said that the flu was more of an economic strain than AIDS... and the recent deaths bring the total score to:

Avian flu:
- 174 humans infected, 94 dead.
- 3 Cats killed.
- and Alot of Birds. (11 billion dollars worth, apparently)

- An average of 3 million deaths per year.
- An average of 5 million new cases per year.
- 34 Million new walking dead people total, this year tallied.
- Ummm......Africa.

I think AIDS wins. The WHO official should re-check her numbers. Idiocy. The avian flu would be more of a strain because more economic production was lost from its effects in a burst, than from AIDS in the same time period. That is the single-worst method of comparing epidemics I have ever heard of.



  • Oh but if Tim's really knew what was good for them, we both know who would star in new commercials.

    And you'd be a star!

    Ta darlin'

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, March 07, 2006 11:08:00 PM  

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