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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So, yesterday we had a small team meeting, not really about anything important in particular. We were chit-chatting away about the benefits / drawbacks of co-op and history degrees and whatnot, when a co-worker mentioned business history.

She explained that high level CEOs are calling for courses dedicated to the history of important business transactions and precedents. I responded that those courses already exist, or that the material taught in those courses is actually commonly found in "survey" history courses of a particular time period and society(ies). She wanted to know about the Dutch Tulip craze, which apparently was only briefly mentioned in whatever she had been reading. This is where things get interesting from my perspective.

I know, in general, all about said Tulip Craze. I was only too happy (and apparently very verbose that day) to explain the nature of Dutch finances and trade in the 1600's in a general way. Apparently I told an interesting story. Another co-worker commented that she had been mentally picturing Power-point slides while I explained (Argh!). The entire episode made me grateful to be a history major, even if that is all that a history major is good for. I love Stories and I love Telling Stories.

Looks like I am in the Right Place.



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