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Electronic Elasticity

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

As if posting your thoughts on the Internet was something novel. Yeesh.
Yes I know that, conceptually, blogging is a new phenomenon. "User generated media" and "The Contributing Public", and all that jazz.

But what many people / news articles / TV shows, pundits, trend-surfers and podcasters (hah!) tend to never mention is the obvious link between what blogs do now, and what the Internet has been doing for most of its existence.

On a conceptual level, The Internet is User Generated. This is a fundamental principle of how it works. There is no brain in a tank dictating what shall appear all across the World Wide Web tomorrow. There is no "TV Guide" to the Internet. "We" are the Internet. We make it and we each "own" a part of it, inasmuch as 1's and 0's, and ideas, can be owned.

I believe that Weblogging has gained so much public attention for two primary reasons:

1. It has made publishing one's own thoughts and finding another's thoughts online extremely easy.
2. It typifies the positive and contributive nature of the Internet that "we" (those of us interested) collectively want to emphasize and nurture.

Number 2 may need some explanation. My earlier assertion that blogging is a new method for an older purpose of the Internet may well be true, but if I was going to slap a single, capitalized word into the dictionary under "Internet", it would actually be "Communication", not contribution. The fact that this Communication is most often contributive in nature was the gist of my previous point. I am stating the obvious, I know, bear with me.

For many surfers, blogging; surely personal contributive comunication in its' most obvious form, is a flagship activity of a pos


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