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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Heroin-Fuelled Bender!

I need one. Maybe not the heroin, but definitely the bender. A sassy, out of control romp on the town, to a hoppin joint that costs too much with a woman that looks too hot.

I am far too tame for my own good, now. My sense of what is fun and feasible has narrowed too much since first year, when it still included getting drunk on wine right out of a bottle and dancing until my body had no more water left in it. Wait... that's still fun. I just don't do it anymore! Whyyy? No one to do it with? Excuses.

I remember in first year, on Valentines my roommate and I started in early on some Tequila, and then our girlfriends showed up a bit later to help out. Then, nicely sauced, we went to cosmos in Hull and never left the floor. Best Valentines ever. Moments like that deserve to be emulated every once and a-while, and remembered whenever possible. Things acquire a glow in one's memory, yes. But memories don't get that way, get placed on the proverbial pedestal unless they were damn significant to begin with. The significance in this case was just a whole lotta fun.

Off and on I think about 1st year university, and how incredibly amazing it was. I doubt someone in first year, or going into first year will ever read this, but if somehow, such a person does: "Make your time."
Now, about that heroin-fuelled bender...



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