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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


One of the housemates will not be returning for a third lease-term this fall, instead, he is planning for the future by moving to Hull.

Regardless of how often you see someone, or how much you like each other; be ye best friends, silent enemies, or semi-caring automations, when you live with a person you do kind of get to know them. It is going to be odd not having this man in the house, not finding his socks in crazy and unrelated places, not seeing the collection of unused brewing bottles, not hearing the excellent trumpet practice, not smelling those crazy crackers.

I think I miss him already.

Which I suppose brings me to today's topic and question: Knowing People.

When do you "know" someone? When does that invisible line between casual acquaintance and friend / enemy get crossed? Can you not know someone after living with them for 3 years? Can you know a ton of stuff about a person, but nothing that really counts?

Is the reverse possible, where you really get to know someone in a single instant? Can one fact, or act, or sentence ever possibly tell you what you need to know, to really know?

Knowing someone is not a static thing. I can say that with some confidence. People are different every instant that you interact with them, every time there is something new to consider. Perhaps we forget that too often.

Meet the Me of tomorrow, and I guarantee that it will be different from the Me of today.


  • Well for sure. I mean I was "really close" with someone for about 7 years (and really I was her best friend even if she wasn't mine), but she didn't for the life of her know me in any kind of capacity. She didn't want to know me. She let me hide behind one mask or another and was even afraid of the real me. Unfortunately, we now seemingly hate each other just becuase she got to see a bit of the real me, when I another really good friend/mentor of my were threatened by her and her mum.

    My favourite quote which she told to someone her was neutral between us is such: "I never thought she had it in her". Sure you didn't honey. You really just didn't want to see it. Had she paid attention she would've seen that I will stop at nothing to protect a friend, if I believe that person is in the right.

    So I knew her and her family pretty well. She knew only what she wanted to know about me, because she couldn't handle anything else.

    And that moves into a whole different topic of relationships (more specifically freindships) and the reciprocity or mutuality (??) between the participants. There may be someone who will tell you anything trusts you completely, but you can't say a thing to them, not necessarily because you don't want to, but even because perhaps the first person doesn't want to hear it. I experience that a lot with girls who will tell me everything just needing the stereotypical shoulder to cry on but simply cannot handle reciprocating and playing the ear ever.

    So basically this could even move on to a kind of censorship and the masks people wear in certain situations... but I'll leave it at that and maybe it'll have made some kind of sense.

    I love the social dynamics between people and all those fun interractions. It's spectacularly fascinating... love it!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, April 18, 2006 10:07:00 PM  

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