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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some Stuff Is Coming up Lanky

Mhmmm. I finally received the money stolen from my BMO bank accounts over the weekend. It is safe and sound once more. Peanuts to some perhaps, but to this student, it was a huge worry. How the fuck was I going to survive the summer without 2 grand?

Well, I wasn't.

I worked a really manic Monday this week, managing to drive my desk faster than normal, heck, I would get a speeding ticket if it was a real car. I think I did a good job on the work too, and that usually counts for something. And here I sit, at 2:47 pm, with just under 45 minutes to go in this work day, and things seem pretty good.

My parents swung by on Sunday, up to check out a snow-mobile show in Kanata (or something). They bought me lunch and groceries!
Can't find anything wrong with that at all!

Da List:
1. Fix video-card in computer. Force ATI to release drivers that don't suck.
2. Ctrl-D this pile of self-interest I call a blog, in order to use this list.
3. Get Driver License photo thingy.
5. Learn to count.



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