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Electronic Elasticity

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Analysing our own sense of humor seems like an excercise in futilty sometimes. And yet, it seems true that one of the defining characteristics of any relationship between people is a comparision of what they find funny.

What do you find funny?

the sarcastic, the ironic, the genuine,
the cutesey antics of that pet gerbil you have,
Violence? Is sex funny? What about the subjects of stand-up comedy?
Inside jokes, awkward real-life situations when they happen to others (or maybe you are a gem and can laugh at yourself)
Can anything really intellectual be funny? Math jokes? (Ew)

My take is that most often, the genuinely funny is the genuinely human. Our trials and tribulations with the opposite sex, the same sex, what-have-you. The best stuff seems to derive from that material.


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