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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Zarqawi Dead.

"Martyr" has got to be one of the most dangerous concepts in all of religion, especially when you are dealing with people with the following characteristics:

1. They believe very literally in their religion, their afterlfie, their reward for resistance here on earth.
2. Well practiced at resistance, guerrilla warfare, terrorism, call it what you want.
3. In need of constant motivation and hero worship, leaders as dedicated as they are.

Well they have one now, totally immortalized by a "225 Kilo" (like that matters?) bomb, and a fucking PORTRAIT OF HIS FACE IN THE FUCKING WHITE HOUSE.

I have some names and places for you:

Napoleon, Spain: Conquest of the Continent. Early 1800's
Brezhnev, USSR, Afghanistan: Invasion 1979.
Johnson, Nixon, USA, Vietnam: Out by 1974. Many Hippies.
French Angola, Resistance China from Sun Yat Sen to Mao, Boers of South Africa.

Pattern? Guerrillas. Success rate? 100%.
I suppose what I might possibly be getting at here is that anyone who thinks the United States can "win" the war in Iraq needs to fire more synapses. If fundamentalist Muslim fighters are good at one thing, its guerrilla warfare. Bush is no Napoleon, not even a Nixon. He will not be able to remove the USA from Iraq with "honour". Just get out, now, while you still have boys and girls to remove.


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